Critical Reflection on Learning in the Course

It felt like a long time since I started this blog, initially I thought we will be taught basics on how one to one communication works, like how one should speak and listen to another, and understanding the different theory in communications but as the lessons continued I learnt that communication skill taught in this class is more than just what I expected. It has taught me how to communicate across different background and cultures, one to many communication, non-verbal communications, working in a group and conflict management. Looking back at my objective, the scope is underwhelming as I have no idea how communication is so much more than my expectation.

My goal is to reduce the communication barriers I have and to pick up better communication skill to strengthen my message and help the receiving party understand them better. I am also hoping to learn new communication skills that I didn’t know of.

However, I did learn how to strengthen my messages and learn new skills in communication between people, particularly the 6 seconds EQ model.

Learning how to apply what I have learnt has been a challenge throughout the module as I have been used to my communication style and to change them is difficult. I am not an empathetic person, and it is hard for me to perceive how others would look at things, that could also mean how I look at thing can differ greatly from others. I can’t tell if the message has been conveyed properly as I have difficulty evaluating how people have taken my message. I did pick up new habits to check with them, making sure first and foremost that they have indeed got my message, then proceeding on with testing their understanding of what I tried to imply to them or listening to how they reply with their understanding. I have also learnt a great deal from my fellow classmates on how different everyone is in communicating, listening to them talk about their own communication style and why they think other communication style doesn’t work well for them, I have understood that how certain communication style is preferred over the others and the reason behind it, working with them certainly help me apply my learning from the lessons to them and suit our communication style.

As mentioned before, I am not an empathetic person and this often cause conflicts between me and my communicators, as I would often let my emotions get the better of me and unknowingly affect the other party greatly. After learning the six seconds EQ model, I have to constantly remind myself not to let my emotions get ahead of me and decide things, always reminding myself to stay compose first after feeling a rush of emotions, think it through before rushing to a conclusion and allowing me to regret later. Applying the six seconds EQ model, I take the time to think logically what are the emotions I felt, how I should react to this emotions and why I should do what I planned to do. However, I still feel that sometimes my emotion will cloud my composure and fail to calm down and make a properly evaluated decision. I will continue to try and remember to make this into a habit to that I will be consistently thinking on how I manage each of my emotions when communicating with others.

Over the course of the last few weeks, our class has focused on the presentation skills. Initially, I thought I have learnt everything I know about presentation, I would have nothing much to learn from, I did indeed know most of what was taught, but it is easier said than done when it comes to applying what I know. Whenever I tried to remember the points to talk about, I would lose focus on my audience and all the flaws start to show on me as a presenter. I am thankful to Brad for giving us so many opportunities to practice our presentation skills as I have gradually improved, as one would say practice makes perfect.

This module has given me a lot of opportunities to practice my communication as other modules are usually just me sitting down and listening to the lecturer, but here we get to talk a lot, not just small talks but talking to improve how we talk, giving each other honest feedback for improvement. I would like to thank Brad and all my classmates for the wonderful time we spent together in this 14 weeks.



One thought on “Critical Reflection on Learning in the Course

  1. Thank you, Kok Leong, for this comprehensive reflection. You show fairly good fluency as you first address the ‘underwhelming’ initial expectations you had for this module and how, with some rather vague goals in mind, your effort through the term has paid off in terms of gaining more confidence in crafting your message and learning something about the Six Seconds Model for emotional intelligence. You then mention some aspects of the module that you took note of, in particular, again, the elements of the Six Second Model related to “how I should react to this emotions and why I should do what I planned to do.”

    All of this is fine, and informative. I’m glad you feel that you learned something in the module. If you look at the last blog assignment though, you will see that you needed to “Choose one focus of the project and critically reflect on your learning in the project. Discuss specific points, such as presentation skills, including verbal and non-verbal skills, teamwork skills, or leadership skills.”

    So you could have a more appropriate focus in this post. You do add on some info about your presentation experience — which is project related — when you mention that “Whenever I tried to remember the points to talk about, I would lose focus on my audience and all the flaws start to show on me as a presenter.” That was exactly what transpired.

    In fact, before that last presentation, I really felt like you were on your way to upping your game, so to speak, in terms of presenting with confidence. In the various prep activities in class in the weeks beforehand, you showed great potential. Even for the mock presentation, I was impressed by your cool approach and your delivery of information. Unfortunately, in the final presentation, you got stuck as you were confined to/by your notes. That really hurt you in all areas of the ‘talk,’ from verbal and nonverbal presenting to content control.

    Beyond the scope of what happened, I had wanted to know in this post what you felt you needed to do to go forward. How do you plan to improve from here?

    Whatever the case, I appreciate the work you did this term and the effort made. All the best as you continue your learning!


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