Strengths and Challenges in Communicating (Final)

Communication is an essential act between two or more parties. It is used to convey or exchange information with each other but to communicate effectively is challenging, as both the sender and receiver have to mutually understand the message. Today, I will be sharing my communicating strengths, challenges and setting objectives to improve my communicating skills.

In order to communicate effectively with my peers, superiors and others, I always give my full attention to the other party. By showing them my full attention, they can be direct and relay their message, instead of getting around to try and get my attention to listen to them. While paying them my full attention, I would also pay attention to their body language as people would convey their message with not just words but their actions and emotions. The body language conveys a lot of other information that couldn’t be conveyed with just words. As a sender, I would often be direct in my messages and when I have to be indirect, I would always ensure the message is properly communicated and not misunderstood by asking them on what they have understood.

Communication can also be challenging as I would often encounter a lack of understanding on topics and unable to return an appropriate reply or find it hard to continue exchanging communication with the other party. For example, if someone was to talk to me about politics, I would be clueless and lost without being able to return any kind of respond. Lack of understanding is not the only weakness I have; How I convey my messages are often misunderstood or weakly paraphrased. I may be confident to convey my thoughts to others, but if no one could understand them, the message would be meaningless. These are weaknesses that I have to overcome. Otherwise, I will always be a handicap in communication because the others could not understand how I put my words together.

Overcoming my weakness is not an easy act that it could be done in a short period of time, I would have to keep trying to strengthen myself on this subject. My goal is to reduce the communication barriers I have and to pick up better communication skill to strengthen my message and help the receiving party understand them better. I am also hoping to learn new communication skills that I didn’t know of.


3 thoughts on “Strengths and Challenges in Communicating (Final)

  1. Thank you, Kok Leong, for sharing some of your communication strengths and weaknesses. You focus on your skill as an attentive listener and your means of communicating directly. You aptly point put that paying close attention to others and being circumspect in your use of various communication strategies enhances understanding.

    You also mention a few challenges for you, including how you are limited in your ability to discuss some topics. To become more broadly conversant probably comes with experience, and expanding your interests.

    I look forward to getting to know you this term.


    1. Thank you, Brad, for reading my blog post, I apologize for the late response as the past 2 weeks have been rather busy with assignments and mid-term papers.

      I have updated the options for comments to be posted without needing my approval and looking forward to getting to learn from you this term as well.


  2. Thank you, Kok Leong, for sharing this reflection of your communication strengths and weaknesses. You focus on your skill as an attentive listener and a circumspect communicator. You correctly point out the value of nonverbal awareness.

    You also mention what you see as some weaknesses, including your inability to talk on some subjects. That sort of problem can be addressed by expanding your interests and sourcing for more info in a range of fields, so it may not be as much an issue with communication as with your knowledge base. (This is also a function of age and experience!)

    As for your ability to paraphrase, that is a skill that takes time and practice to develop.

    I look forward to working with you this term.


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